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For the love of the Holy Book, for the love of the truth.


Stephanie Jeremie

Today Franco-Israeli, Stéphanie Jérémie was born in Echirolles (France) to a Franco-Spanish Jewish mother and a blackfoot father.

She was brought up by her mother in the belief in one Almighty God, more than in a religion.

After graduating from EJE, she made her alyah in January 2010.

It is in Jerusalem that she founded a family with Loïc Jérémie, 3 charming children were born to them. They founded their company Jeremiah Tours Israel in the field of tourism, where she is in charge of the French-speaking department and of marketing.

She also hosts television programs like  "Israel closer to you" and  "Informa'Sion".

His function in Israel allows him to be immersed with his people and at the same time to be in contact with pilgrims from all over the world.

She sees the borders, bridges and barriers between these two worlds, while carrying them both in her heart.

Stéphanie has been endowed with artistic abilities from a young age ... singing-dancing-staging-performances. The Covid-19 planetary crisis will awaken one of his buried dreams ...

A project that tells the story of the Bible through the art of dance ...

"Shomer HaBrit".

A show that brings together and allows us to be immersed in the world of the holy book.

A show for everyone! for all those who are curious to discover the history of this thousand-year-old book.

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