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Pleading for the truth

Book summary :

Israel is constantly put in the dock, and presented as guilty of the suffering of Palestinian Arabs.

The creation of the state of Israel is axiomatically pointed out as the cause of the non-existence of the Palestinian state. This ideology, accepted by the secular world and by certain currents of Christianity, is based on political considerations of secular aspiration established by the international community.

For most of the Arab world, it is above all a religious conviction to be defended on the political scene. The postulates of these two visions, extrinsic by nature, convey beliefs that build up walls of enmity vis-à-vis biblical doctrines.

This book has been written with the aim of exposing different aspects of what the media have called the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We will thus expose the roots of each of the three constituent parts of the book: the historical facet, the relations with Islam and finally the biblical approach.

- The historical facet of the conflict will therefore be dealt with in the first part through a political focus on the period from 1919-1967. It is essential to grasp the importance of the political negotiations of this time in order to have an objective look at the current situation and its exposure in the international press.

- The second part will expose the origins of Islam in relation to the history of Mohammad.  The ultimate goal is to understand the relationship between Muslims and Jews and, to a lesser extent, Christians, and how this is articulated in the dialectic of the leaders of the Palestinian cause.

- Finally, the biblical approach to the conflict will constitute the last part of my investigation, and not the least.

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Video presentation of the book by the author

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